Pieris marginalis Scudder, 1861

    ziegleri Eitschberger, 1991

Original Description

Pieris marginalis subspec. ziegleri Eitschberger, 1991

Type specimen(s)

Status: Holotype
Specimen data: HT (♂, 29.VI.1983, J. Reichel leg.)
Current depository: coll. U. Eitschberger, Marktleuthen

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "U.S.A., Montana, Gallatin Co., Hwy 191 betw. West Yellowstone and Big Sky, 1800-2100 m"
Current country: United States

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Pieris marginalis subspec. ziegleri Eitschberger, 1991


An "Allotypus" [f] and a number of paratypes (38 [mm], 35 [ff]) are mentioned; the complete list of paratypes is said to be found in Eitschberger (1984: 310): all specimens listed from Wyoming and Montana. These specimens had been treated as Pieris marginalis macdunnoughii (trans. ad reicheli) in the 1984 publication. Some of the these future paratypes were figured in 1984 on pl. 507, figs. 11-24.