Delias kenricki Talbot, 1937

    kenricki Talbot, 1937

Original Description

Delias kenricki Talbot, 1937

Type specimen(s)

Status: Lectotype
Specimen data: LT (♂, XI.-XII.1908, coll. C. Pratt)
Additional information: "Delias fuliginosus Kenrick (= Delias kenricki Talbot) lectotype (here designated) ♂, Indonesia: Irian Jaya - labelled 'Momi, 4000 feet [1200 m], Arfak Mountains, North New Guinea, Nov. & Dec. 1908 Coll. C. Pratt/Joicey Bequest, Brit. Mus. 1934-120/Type H. T.' in the British Museum (Natural History);" (Orr & Sibatani, 1985: 21).
Current depository: BMNH, London

Type locality

Current country: Indonesia

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Delias kenricki Talbot, 1937
Treated as a species of Delias Hübner, 1819 by Orr & Sibatani (1985: 21). Treated as a species of Delias Hübner by Yagishita et al. (1993 [1]: 124), and van Mastrigt (2003: 66).


Original description not seen / checked! Lectotype designated by Orr & Sibatani (1985: 21).