Delias autumnalis Roepke, 1955

    autumnalis Roepke, 1955

Original Description

Delias mira autumnalis Roepke, 1955

Type specimen(s)

Status: Holotype
Specimen data: HT
Additional information: "Material examined: Holotype: Neth. Ind.-Amer. New Guinea Exped., 2600 m, Moss Forest Camp, 24.X.1938, L.J.Toxopeus. Other types: a long series of ♂♂, [...] RMNH; from which 4 ♂♂ in BMNH1; 10 ♂♂ in MZB; 2 ♂♂ ex RMNH, in EMEM." (van Mastrigt, 2000: 53).
Current depository: RMNH, Leiden

Type locality

Current country: Indonesia

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Delias mira autumnalis Roepke, 1955
Treated as a subspecies of Delias mira Rothschild & Jordan, 1904 by Yagishita et al. (1993 [1]: 260). Elevated to a species of Delias Hübner by van Mastrigt (2000: 52).


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