Zerynthia (Zerynthia) polyxena ([Denis & Schifferm

    polyxena [Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775

Original Description

P.[apilio] polyxena [Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775

Type specimen(s)

Status: Syntype(s)
Specimen data: ST
Additional information: "Typenmaterial: durch Brand vernichtet." (Hesselbarth et al., 1995: 244). [Entire collection including all types destroyed by fire in 1848; see Kasy (1974)].
Current depository: [lost]

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "Wienergegend"
Current country: Austria

Taxonomic history

Originally described as P.[apilio] polyxena [Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775
Treated as a species of Thais Fabricius, 1807 by Kirby (1871: 515). Treated as a species of Parnalius Rafinesque, 1815 by Ackery (1975: 91). Treated as a species of Zerynthia Ochsenheimer, 1816 by Hancock (1983: 46), Lukhtanov & Lukhtanov (1994: 44), and Tuzov et al. (1997: 148). Treated as a species of Zerynthia Ochsenheimer, 1816 (Zerynthia Ochsenheimer, 1816) by Häuser (1993: 138), and Hesselbarth et al. (1995: 244).


Name cited in synonymy: "P. Hypermnestra Scop.". Placed on the list of official names in zoology under opinion 1134 (ICZN, 1979).