Troides (Troides) rhadamantus (Lucas, 1835)

    fasciculatus Lathy , 1899

Original Description

Troides sp. fasciculatus Lathy , 1899

Type specimen(s)

Status: Syntype(s)
Specimen data: ST (♂, ♀, coll. H. J. Adams)
Current depository: BMNH, London ?

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "Salibaboo"
Current country: Indonesia

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Troides sp. fasciculatus Lathy , 1899
Treated as a synonym (infrasubspecific name, "f.") of Troides rhadamantus dohertyi Rippon, 1893 by Haugum & Low (1985: 321). Treated as a synonym of Troides (Troides) rhadamantus dohertyi (Rippon, 1893) by Bridges (1988: II.92).