Ornithoptera priamus (Linnaeus, 1758)

    archideus Gray, [1853]

Original Description

Papilio (Ornithoptera) species archideus Gray, [1853]

Type specimen(s)

Status: Syntype(s)
Specimen data: ST (♀)
Current depository: MNHN, Paris ?

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "Celebes"
Current country: Indonesia

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Papilio (Ornithoptera) species archideus Gray, [1853]
Treated as a species of Ornithoptera by Felder & Felder (1859:264). Treated as a synonym of Papilio priamus Linn., 1767 by Kirby (1871:518), and listed as "Var. l". Treated as a synonym of Troides priamus poseidon (Doubleday, 1847) by Rothschild (1895:190). Treated [as "archideus, Gray, 1852"] as a synonym of Ornithoptera priamus poseidon (Doubleday, 1847) by Tennent (2006: 21).


The description is based only on an illustration and description published by Boisduval since no specimens from the British Museum or another collection are being mentioned or referred to.