Pontia edusa (Fabricius, 1777)

    edusa Fabricius, 1777

Original Description

Papilio edusa Fabricius, 1777

Type specimen(s)

Additional information: "whereabouts of the only female not known." (Wagener 1988: 34).
Current depository: ??

Type locality

Current country: Germany

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Papilio edusa Fabricius, 1777
Treated as a semispecies of the superspecies Pontia daplidice (Linnaeus, 1758) by Wagener (1988: 34). Treated as a species of Pontia Fabricius in Illiger, 1807 by Lukhtanov & Lukhtanov (1994: 56). Treated as a species of Pontia Fabricius, 1807 by Tuzov et al. (1997: 162), and Della Bruna et al. (2004: 69).


Original description not seen / checked!