Pharmacophagus antenor (Drury, 1773)

    antenor Drury, 1773

Original Description

Papilio antenor Drury, 1773

Type specimen(s)

Additional information: "The Drury collection was sold at auction shortly after his death, and no specimens have thus far been recognized as Drury types. It is doubtful that any exist today." (Miller & Brown, 1981:211). "The type is probably in Sydney (Mcleay Museum, University of Sydney) with the rest of the Drury collection (now apparently moved to C.S.I.R.O., Canberra)." (d'Abrera, 1997:4).
Current depository: ??

Type locality

Current country: Madagascar

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Papilio antenor Drury, 1773
Treated as a species of Papilio by Boisduval (1836:189), and by Gray (1853:20). Treated as a species of Papilio Linn., 1767 by Kirby (1871:534). Treated as a species of Parides Hübner, [1819] (Atrophaneura Reakirt, 1864) by Munroe (1961:46). Treated as a species of Pharmacophagus Haase, [1891] by Hancock (1983:47), and d'Abrera (1997:4).


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