Colias heos (Herbst, 1792)

    aurora Esper, 1783

Original Description

P.[apilio] Dan.[aus] Cand.[idus] aurora Esper, 1783

Type specimen(s)

Status: Syntype(s)
Specimen data: ST (♂, 1781, leg. Böber, coll. E. J. C. Esper)
Additional information:  Like the preceding species, the material was collected by Böber in V.-VII.1781. Localities and itinerary of his journey see pp. 158-159.]
Current depository: ZSSM, Munich ?

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "ein sibirisches Produkt [...] von Nertschink"
Current country: Russia

Taxonomic history

Originally described as P.[apilio] Dan.[aus] Cand.[idus] aurora Esper, 1783
Treated as a synonym of Colias myrmidone by Werneburg (1865: 275-282). Treated as a species distinct from Colias myrmidone by Staudinger (1865: 49-50).


Date after Heppner (1982): text and plate 1783. Permanently invalid as a junior primary homonym of Papilio aurora Cramer, 1780. The name heos Herbst, 1792 is available as a subjective replacement name (Hemming, 1934: 194).