Papilio (Pterourus) glaucus Linnaeus, 1758

    alcidamas Cramer, [1775]

Original Description

[Papilio] alcidamas Cramer, [1775]

Type specimen(s)

Status: Syntype(s)
Specimen data: ST
Additional information: "in the Natural History Museum in London", "Possible syntype with Felder label 'Coll. Lenep' [no locality] (BMNH(E)#665024), is a fair although not exact match for original plate 21, figs A, A; it has been re-pinned and the apices of the hindwings have been replased and painted." (Chainey, 2005: 283, 293).
Current depository: BMNH, London (1 syntype)

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "Deze komt van Jamaica, en valt ook in Niuew-Jork en Carolina. [...] Celui-ci vient de Jamaïque & se voit aussi à la Nouvelle York & dans la Caroline."
Current country: Jamaica; United States

Taxonomic history

Originally described as [Papilio] alcidamas Cramer, [1775]
Treated as a synonym of Papilio turnus Linn. by Boisduval (1836: 338), and by Gray (1853: 24). Treated as a synonym of Pterourus (Pterourus) glaucus (Linné, 1758) by Tyler et al. (1994: 33).