Colias electo (Linnaeus, 1763)

    electo Linnaeus, 1763

Original Description

Papilio (Danaus) electo Linnaeus, 1763

Type specimen(s)

Status: Lectotype
Specimen data: LT (♂, Tulbagh leg.)
Additional information: "LSL: 1♂, unspread, labelled "Electo" [by Linnaeus], "Electra 764." [by Smith], here designated as LECTOTYPE; 1♂ labelled "no label" [by Tams]." (Honey & Scoble 2001: 322).
Current depository: LSLO, London

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "ad Cap. b. spei. Tulbagh"
Current country: South Africa

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Papilio (Danaus) electo Linnaeus, 1763
Lectotype designated by Honey & Scoble (2001: 322).


"Linnaeus (1767) appeared to change the name of this species from electo to electra. The names do not have the same derivation (J. Haugum, pers. comm), but, in taxonomic terms, electra should be treated as a subsequent misspelling. We have selected the specimen labelled by Linnaeus as lectotype. The label "Pteridis" on one of the specimens listed under Subsequent material examined is written in an unidentified hand. Furthermore, the meaning of the term is unclear. Possibly there is a link with Colias palaeno, as mentioned by Linnaeus (1767: 764). Linnaeus cited the "Habitat" as "Europae Pteride aquilina", although ferns are not the foodplants of either species. This polytypic species is widespread in the Afrotropics with the nominate subspecies occurring in the southern African subregion (Pringle et al., 1994: 280, pls 156, 158)." (Honey & Scoble 2001: 322)