Euchloe ausonides (Lucas, 1852)

    ogilvia Back, 1991

Original Description

Euchloe spec. ogilvia Back, 1991

Type specimen(s)

Status: Holotype
Specimen data: HT (♂, 20.VI.-10.VII.1977, N. Flauger leg., coll. W. Back)
Additional information: "It is possible that the holotype is a specimen of E. naina; future research may place this name with that species." (Pelham, 2008: 171).
Current depository: coll. W. Back, Weiterstadt

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "CDN, Yukon-Ter., Ogilvie Mts, Dempster Highway Mile 45, 500-1300m"
Current country: Canada

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Euchloe spec. ogilvia Back, 1991
Treated as a subspecies of Euchloe ausonides (Lucas, 1852) by Pelham (2008: 171).