Colias eurytheme Boisduval, 1852

    amphidusa Boisduval, 1852

Original Description

Colias amphidusa Boisduval, 1852

Type specimen(s)

Status: Lectotype
Specimen data: LT (♂)
Additional information: "Figs. 9-11", "Syntypes: 1) Male, FW length = 26 mm.; labels: as figured. 2) Female, FW length = 28 mm; labels:: Amphidusa Boisd./Californie.; C. amphidusa/Type female/a/c Hofer; Figuré par R. Verity/Rhopal. Palaearctica/Pl.XLIX fig. 45; EMB. 3) Female, FW length=28.5 mm.; labels: Colias/Amphidusa Bdv/Californie; EMB;OC;BC.", "The male syntype, No. 1 above, is designated as the lectotype" (Emmel et al., 1998: 9, 62).
Current depository: USNM, Washington

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "nord de la Californie"
Current country: United States

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Colias amphidusa Boisduval, 1852
Treated as a synonym of Colias eurytheme Boisduval, 1852 by Emmel et al. (1998: 9).


Original description not seen / checked! Lectotype designated by Emmel et al. (1998: 9).